Hi, I'm audrey!

I’m a user experience researcher and designer currently living and working out of the southern US.

I’m passionate about understanding and translating human experiences into meaningful designs.

My goal is to design impactful change that puts people first. 

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I listen closely and believe in the power of trusting your users. I feel you can’t solve a problem without understanding it first.


With an eye for rigor, I merge the qualitative with the quantitative. I fuse being data-driven with a people-first attitude.


I connect the dots and uncover insight to create change. I distill key findings to direct strategic action.


My journey into UX began with my formal education in social science research. I have bachelor’s degrees in psychology and criminology, and a master’s degree in criminology, law, and society. 

After college, I aspired to be involved in actionable change for our communities and justice system. I previously worked in partnership with a federal law enforcement agency as an IT contractor.

Wanting to have a more active role in designing better solutions for clients, I began looking at how to combine my academic background with digital experiences. I knew that I wanted to create things that could delight and inspire. 

I currently work for Louisiana State University’s Digital and Continuing Education department, designing in pursuit of providing accessible online education to learners at all stages of their life. 


When I’m not on the clock, I like to drink coffee, cook and bake, play video games and sew. I’m also a cosplayer and (sometimes) streamer. I have two shih tzus, Maverick and Goose, who are the light of my life. 

You can follow my cosplay work or stream below! 


If you like what you see and want to chat more, please reach out!

I’d like to be known as the person who saw things from a different point of view to others.

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